Get The Most
Out of Your Instagram

Finally, you can go live on Instagram from your computer with OBS, SLOBS, Wirecast or any streaming software that supports RTMP.

Trying to create more engaging content for Instagram?

It sure takes work to make it on Instagram, and it’s not getting any easier. New signups are coming to the platform every day with the same hopes you had. They want to connect with great people, produce content others will like, maybe even use Instagram to further a business goal.

It’s perfectly normal to have trouble building a steady audience in such a crowded environment. You need to use every tool at your disposal.

Live video streaming might help

As a type of content that’s known to increase audience engagement, live-streamed video can be of tremendous help for cultivating a following on any social network.

The only problem is that you can’t create content for Instagram Live on a PC or Mac – you can only do it on the Instagram smartphone app. Because of it, you’re forced to rob your audience of the great production value you could deliver with even the basic tools available for desktop computers.

But not anymore. As workarounds go, we’ve created a really good one. We can proudly invite you to:

Go live on Instagram from your desktop computer with Yellow Duck!

With Yellow Duck, you can instantly create a live stream on Instagram from your PC, Mac, Linux and more. Streaming to Instagram is simple, and the set up is almost the same as if you were to stream on any other live video streaming website or service.

Thanks to Yellow Duck, you can:

Use Instagram Live from any platform of your choice because Yellow Duck adds desktop platforms to the mix

Stream to Instagram using OBS. Or Wirecast. Or many other encoders and streaming services.

Rest assured your account information is safe because Yellow Duck doesn’t store your Instagram login information

Avoid additional streaming expenses because Yellow Duck is absolutely free to use.

The simplest way to go live on Instagram on your computer!

It only takes three simple steps to stream Instagram live from a PC or Mac with Yellow Duck:

1. Log into your Instagram account with Yellow Duck

2. Get the Instagram stream key and RTMP URL

3. Copy them quickly into your encoder or streaming service

Having done that, you can go live on Instagram with a press of a button. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t let your competitors live stream their way into your audience’s attention.

Bring your A-game to Instagram with Yellow Duck! Get started now!